Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Blowing Winds of Change

The Presidential campaign is winding down and with only 10 days left until November 4th, the strong headwinds seem to be blowing the Democrats way, with Sen. Obama currently leading in electoral votes 375 - 163 and with the majority of the world's news articles and pundents calling the contest in the Illinois senator's favor, it appears as though its over for the GOP. This week, I have scanned the Internet (trying to stay away from partisan sites,) to try and find articles, blogs etc. that include any empirical evidence as to the possibility of Sen. McCain actual winning the "most important election of our lifetime."

In a October 24th post from The New York Times' campaign blog - "Campaign Stops," there is an analysis that basically states through enumerated reasons - " John McCain still has a good chance to win." One reason the author states is because of the possibility of a lopsided system of checks and balances, (If Democrats win the election, the House and Senate, not to mention the White House will be in one parties control,) and the lack of experience factor among other reasons contributes to McCains chances.

Another piece is the's October 24th "America at a Crossroads." The article covers El Dorado Kansas, which Obama has family ties to, and that the majority of folks there are for the 72 year-old Republican. "But family ties only go so far - and the flicker of hope Obama's visit generated among local Democrats has since been snuffed out by the town's overriding conservatism," the article quotes.

As of now, the winds still seem to be blowing at Obama's back, but the contest isn't over yet, and 10 days is a long time in politics to turn this thing around.

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