Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Joe the Plumber"= Sam the Tax Owing Non-Plummer

During the final presidential debate held on Wednesday night at Hofstra University, John McCain, in an attempt to surreptitiously frame the last three weeks of the campaign season and paint the Democrats as once again- "tax and spend" liberals who will raise taxes for the struggling middle class, invoked the name of the new GOP pal "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher, over twenty times in the 90 minute contest.

Even before the closing statements were uttered, "Joe the Plumber," -(really a symbol for politicians to wield much in the same vein as Chuck Shummer's imaginary template blue collar family), was being vetted by the press. What did the media find out? Probably some things the McCain campaign didn't know about or didn't care about since the encounter caught on tape between Obama and Wurzelbacher was too good to pass up. Here's what has been discovered in the last few days.
His real name is Samuel Joeseph Wurzelbacher according to the San Fransico Chronicle's October 17th piece which is quite entertaining. Another piece that reports that he really isn't a licensed plumber and doesn't pay taxes- even though he's quite worried about falling into Obama's 250,000 bracket - is CNN's October 16th article.

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