Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Big Blue Makes a Comeback

The presidential election is winding down; McCain's camp is attempting to deal with insiders' frustrated leaks and squabbles (Which go back as far as 2007) to the press concerning "Palin going rouge," and at the same time trying to squeak out a public show of solidarity and optimism, but with seven days left until November 4th the electoral map is looking shockingly blue.

An Associated Press piece released today on-line reports that Obama leads or is tied in eight important states, such as Colorado and Florida, which is surprising because these states are traditionally Republican. It looks bad for Senator John McCain and it looks as though this Navy pilot needs to eject. "If you believe in miracles," said GOP consultant Joe Gaylord of Arlington, Va., "you still believe in McCain."

A lot of the media, such as The Tribune's "The Swamp," are also reporting this week that Obama is winning these states that Bush #43 indeed carried. So, the media seems to me to be doing a thorough job of reporting and polling.

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