Friday, October 3, 2008

First and Only Vice President Debate- Student Analysis

On Thursday night we witnessed the first and only vice president debate- waged between the "hockey mom" newcomer, Gov. Sarah Palin (Lenox Lewis,) and the longtime senator from Delaware, Joe Biden (Mike Tyson.) The world was watching to see who, if anyone, would land the knockout punch on their opponent. Would Palin hold her own and erase definitively from the public memory her recent interview gaffes? Would Biden put his foot in his mouth by talking too much and act too condescending towards the female governor?

University of Massachusetts students geared up to watch the fight to find answers to these questions, as well as the other more important questions on issues and policies.The start of the debate showed Palin a little nervous on her feet. alexdipace noticed the candidates' body language was cordial towards each other and mentioned Palin's unsure response- "Palin definitely seems a little shaky, she doesn't have a prompter this time".Others thought the novice was off to an OK start. laveaux56 says "Palin is actually going okay.... "

A majority of students were turned off by Palin's continuous calling of McCain a "maverick," as well as her statement that she would not be answering the way the moderator and Biden would like. alexa_m aims and takes one shot at both issues-hitting her target with a thud- "Palin is spewing canned language and not responding to the question, already said maverick x2."The students at home liked the way Biden was bringing Barack's statements to the ring, and were also commenting on the fact Biden has women's eyes on him-in a good way. "I enjoy that Biden is referring directly to Obama's statements," said elrenolyds. "Ooo women seem to like Biden. He's going off the charts. What's the appeal?" says kletourno.

The CNN meter drew the students attention again as in the Pres. debate last week-alexa_m said referring to Biden's charm, " According to the CNN debate meter, women are loving him."Towards the end, climate change was another big discussion between the students. jackiebink said referring to Palin, " Is it just me, or did she completely dodge the causes of climate change?"The students seemed to be leaning towards Biden, and most felt he had won the debate. Although, the question of had Palin held her own and completed her job as vice pres. hopeful was answered for mcwalsh24. "She did her job, but as the media begins to pick apart the nuances I am sure it will start to sway people to a particular side."

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