Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Web Sources Helpful to Journalists

  1. Romensko- This is a good source for journalists because of the linking feature. Romensko posts all the important news effecting journalists and their craft to this site. I believe it to be very convenient to have all the stories in one place; saving journalists time. I find the pieces to be timely and helpful.
  2. Project for Excellence in Journalism- This is a good source for journalists because it's site has many features. One, it has a 'Daily Briefing' of the day's digested media news in one section. It has three critical offerings as well- a data library with charts and numbers that could be used in reporters articles-An analysis section that contains commentaries on news- And a 'News Index' which lists such things as 'Top stories across all media' with charts and data. Having all this in one place is helpful.
  3. SCOTUSblog- This is a blog that strictly covers the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a good source for journalists because it contains accurate and plain language on S.C. rulings and cases that a journalist can reference if writing an article on a specific SC case or needing background information.
  4. POLITICO- This news site is fairly moderate in partisanship, which is good for journalists. Another reason I think the site is good for journalists is because they can go to it to read quality articles and basically use it to get a lot of their political news. I really applaud the way the pieces are divided conveniently into headings; Lobbying, Congress, Life, Multimedia etc. This makes it a time-saver for journalists on deadline who need information.
  5. The Economist-Daily News Analysis- This part of the Economist's website is helpful for journalists because of it's large and international scope. It's divided up into specific sections such as Europe, Science & Technology, and Middle East & Africa. I think journalists could go to this website to begin a fact check, gain story ideas, and keep informed on the world's news, all in one succinct section.

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