Monday, September 29, 2008

Twitter's Debate Twitters-A Class Reaction

The first presidential debate was held on Friday night at the University of Mississippi after much speculation that it would be cancelled by Sen. McCain. The U-Mass Multimedia class headed by Steve Fox followed the debates and twittered their comments and the people's reactions around them who were also watching.

The transcript of the class's comments contains some piercing reactions to Sen. McCain's comments on everything from his credibility to run the country, to touting himself as a moderate legislator who reaches across the aisle. For example, elreynolds writes "McCain may be more qualified to deal with the war, but really nothing else for Presidency." McCain made a point in the debate to mention that he was a POW and somehow implies that this makes him qualified for the job. Alexa M who watched the debates with Dan posted a comment from him. "Being a POW doesn't make you more qualified to be president."

A lot of coverage lately in the MSM has been directed towards McCain's shift from the moderate "maverick," he used to be to the hardcore Republican he is now- The twitterer's echoed this sentiment- elreynolds says about McCain that " he doesn't realize how much he's changed."

The subject of war dominated the debates as well as the twitters- benjaminswill commented that he believed Obama answered the question on the threat of Iran and Korea better than McCain. He wrote "Obama just buuuurned McCain on Korea and Iran." ereed8 makes a good point concerning the heated debate between the two candidates on if the country should have have invaded Iraq-"I'm not a huge McCain fan, but I like that he's looking forward... lets stop talking about "should we have gone into Iraq?" edoody101 agreed with their classmate on this issue, writing, "Whether or not Obama liked the way we entered Iraq it does not matter since we are there".

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