Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aftermath of the Friday Debate

Senator's Barack Obama and John McCain met head to head in their first debate this past Friday at 9.00p.m. This particular blog post is dedicated to picking out good, well reported and fleshed out pieces by the MSM covering the Presidential debate. I'm going to display the best three in my opinion. What constitutes the best piece is a mixture of: an accurate accounting of the important topics discussed during the debate (i.e. the financial crisis, the war,) and where each candidate stands on them, clear, descriptive writing that evokes an image of the contest- it should paint a vivid picture for those people who couldn't watch, and lastly and most important, a solid representation of both sides and no hint of bias. The best three I've found are as follows:

1. The Saturday Sept. 27th Boston Globe

2. The Saturday Sept. 27th New York Times

3. The Associated Press in the Saturday Sept. 27th Washington Post

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