Friday, November 14, 2008

State of Flux

A large part of the MSM coverage lately has been what the Republican party needs to do, now in the aftermath of a crushing election. Republican pundants, congressmen and political consultants have been making the rounds offering their various nuggets of wisdom as to such issues and concerns as 'the GOP needs to go back to their roots and become more conservative' and then the other side of the coin - that surprisingly has garnered some support (Like from Florida Gov. Charlie Crist-see link) and thru op/eds and TV appearances staunch Republicans are now saying they need to devise a new, more moderate coalition.

The crux of the new Republican coalition stems on more results and less ideology. A November 7th by story by James Rosen explains this well "Just as quickly, a split emerged between Republican loyalists advocating a purer form of conservative ideology and those urging a less-dogmatic flexibility."
A November 8th article in the Times by Danny Hakim centers on a small area of the desperate party - New York Republicans and their belief in redemption. "Get back to basics, embrace the party’s core values and recruit a generation of younger leaders and voters," he says are some ideas he's heard.

No matter what happens and whether the GOP can come back strong in 2012, this tumultuous time for the "Cut Taxes," party will certainly create an grand opportunity for the media.

*Update* -A good Politico piece related to this topic of Republican split.

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