Saturday, November 29, 2008

After Terror Attack Rocks Mumbai, Questions Simmer

As of today, American and Indian news outlets are reporting that the total number of civilians dead, after the violent three day siege in India's bustling luxury hotel, cafe and landmarks district, at around 200, with five of those fatalities being Americans.

Also on Saturday, as bodies were still being pulled out of the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel, many questions have begun to be bandied about in the news - Why weren't the Indian authorities aware of such a deadly plot brewing, and why didn't they respond to the attacks quicker once notified? Pakistan involvement is questioned as well as what the Times calls "Perhaps the most troubling question to emerge Saturday for the Indian authorities" - how were just 10 gunmen (If Washington Post reports are true,) able to cause so much damage and terror, all the while holding off Indian soldiers and police for more than three days "in three different buildings?"

Also, new reports this evening are reporting that the tragedy could have been much worse. CNN quotes a source saying "We found bullets with them, hand grenades, bombs," R.R. Patil, deputy chief minister of Maharashtra state, said at a news conference. "Based on our investigation, we believe they had planned to kill 5,000 people."

After the initial shock of the carnage wears off, the media will be able to capture the whole story.
*Update* Arrest Made

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