Monday, November 16, 2009

Microsoft Community Blogs & Advertising

A pretty neat example of a corporate brand utilizing both online blogs and advertising is the computer software giant Microsoft. I suppose its no surprise that a software tech company who's products are geared towards creating online experiences is going to be on the cutting-edge of utilizing blogs and online ad's etc, to connect with its audience, but that's the case.
Microsoft engages in community blogs with Microsoft employees encouraged to blog about the company's new technologies, providing insights and opinions. According to Global PR Blog Week 1.o, Link, Microsoft has over 700 employees blogging today. This blog also mentions how Microsoft employee blogging helps to provide and put a " human face" on the giant corporation and it helps "communicate the company message quickly."

Besides technical banter on products etc., content on some of these community blogs can include ongoing dialogue about the authors' children, sports and humor. I believe this results in the subtle change of the audiences perception of big "faceless" corporations, and gives Microsoft an air of openness and integrity.

Concerning online advertising, Microsoft utilizes some Youtube "spoof" ads, that take shots at Apple. The ads are humerous and can reach a lot of consumers this way. Microsoft also utilizes online videos to advertise products - For example their 2008 Bill Gates and Seinfeld videos . Utilizing videos is exciting and gets consumers talking.