Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Do You Use The Internet?

I use the internet to accomplish myriad things in my daily life. Most importantly, I use the internet to research topics for academic assignments that I might need a better understanding of - (Online tutorials for new media tools and software, library databases such as LexisNexis etc. are convenient and helpful.) This helps to complement the information I already have and may also provide me with estoteric but useful, powerful knowledge. The internet can also free me of incorrect information and misconceptions I might have by the ability to check multiple legitimate sources quickly.

I use the internet for banking and also for fun - watching missed TV shows, listening and downloading ITunes, and sending pictures of my 7 month old son to grandma back home. I also use the internet to get most of my news, which for me falls under the "fun" catagory. I only read an actual newspaper once in a great while. Instead of trying to locate and then buy multiple newspapers and magazines, I can go online and read such informative and varied titles as "The Economist" to "The Nation" to "Wired."

My use differs from that of my parents because they only use the internet for keeping in contact with friends and family - (Face Book, e-mail.) They still get their news from the local paper and cable news and only bank in person. I would say that the biggest difference between their use and mine is that I have adopted the internet as a multifaceted tool to obtain knowledge, make my life more structured (paying all bills online,) and to also have fun with. My parents use it in a strickly utilitarian sense.

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