Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Things First

I am relatively settled into my internship here in Somerville Ma, outside Boston. I am living with a friend of my sisters, a blond, recently single women, in Malden. Her ex-fiance lives in the house with us, (A tall, red haired moody sona fa gun) seeing how neither of them has enough cheese to buy the other one out.. My parents are luckly paying her the 400$ a month rent she/they desire. ( usual is for NO MONEY). She is nice and works near the Fleet Center. I will be going back to the University of Massachusetts in the fall, and look forward to my political science & journalism classes. I've really started to dig reading political writings: seymour hersh, noam chomsky, Hendrik Hertzberg.... I feel a tad bit vulnerable getting blown around by the Boston wind as I singularly stand at the bus stops- that I've only recently begun frequenting. I don't know ANYONE yet, and quite frankly- probably won't ever here. When August 15 arives, I'll no doubt pack all my belongings up and disappear from here like a strange shadow that you see out of the corner of your eye.. I have trouble all of a sudden meeting people..How do people do it? I have my car here. I don't miss Pittsfield at all really, except seeing my girl and parents.

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